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Whether you are a Vendor, Small Boutique Firm or Individual Advisor, we have a solution for your 401k fiduciary benchmark needs!

401k Comparator Software Program

The Comparator Software Program contains all the data within the 401k Averages Book, as well as, $30,000 and $70,000 average account balance data, along with 5,000 participant data. The software produces a more granular 401k plan benchmarking data point based on your input. There are several different modules available and the program and reports are customized to your needs.

401k Comparator Flexible Fee Reporting

Do you have your own automated 401k proposal or client reporting systems? No worries. We can create customized fee data tables that you can add to your system. The average 401k fiduciary benchmarks are automatically pulled into your client reports or proposals. Just let us know which benchmarks you need and we will create the tables to your design specifications.

Service Bureau Model

Is the 401kComparator Software more than you need? We offer a Custom Financial Advisor License that will produce custom benchmark reports that you can use for both clients and prospects.

The Service Bureau Model allows you to receive custom benchmarking reports from our Comparator Software program by simply submitting a completed data capture form via email to our office. We would in turn import that data into our system and produce the custom report and return it to you in .pdf or .docx. In addition, the report can be customized with your logo and corporate colors. This is an annual subscription and allows for up to 20 reports per subscription. We offer a Base Report as well as an All Modules Report. The All Modules Report includes Revenue Sharing and Advisor Compensation charts.

Individual Advisor License

Just starting out? The Individual Advisor License allows for the use of the data contained in the 401k Averages Book in your client/prospect reports for a period of one year. While this is not an electronic solution, you can still manually take the data from the book and use it in your own reports or use the two Advisor Report Templates (word docs) that we will provide.

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The 401k Averages Book is a trusted resource for licensing 401k to IRA rollover compliance fee data