401k Comparator Benchmarking Software

Looking for how to compare 401k costs? Now you can see exactly how your 401k plan costs compare to what an average plan of your size and asset mix pays. 

The 401k Comparator software program is easy-to-use and will quickly produce a series of colorful charts and graphs that will tell you instantly how your costs compare to an average 401k plan benchmark customized to your plan specifications.

  • All data is derived from the 401k Averages Book database
  • 401k fee benchmarking data expanded to meet the needs of provider’s & advisor’s diverse client base
  • Benchmarking results customized to account for three key factors:
    • Average Account Balance – $10,000, $30,000, $50,000, $70,000 or $100,000
    • Asset Allocation
    • Participant Count
  • Program runs on your system. You do not supply us with any of your client information

Benchmark Your 401k Plan Today!

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The 401kComparator software is distributed by the publishers of the 401k Averages Book, the leading source for 401(k) fee information since 1995.

License the 401k Averages Book data for your 401k to IRA rollover fee data needs

The 401k Averages Book is a trusted resource for licensing 401k to IRA rollover compliance fee data