401k Averages Book Corporate Licensing Solutions

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Corporate License Solutions

401(k) service providers interested in using the 401k Averages Book data in client or prospect reports have multiple data licensing options to choose from.

First, the 401k Comparator, an easy-to-use fee benchmarking software solution, allows you to generate custom fee benchmarking reports for clients and prospects.

Second, if you have a reporting system in place, then you can license the Averages Book fee data to populate your fee benchmarking reports.

In addition to the data in the 401k Averages Book, Corporate Licensees have access to:

  • Average Advisor Compensation and Revenue Sharing data.
  • 401k Comparator fee benchmarking software and custom reports.
  • 401(k) fee data on $10,000,  $30,000,  $50,000,  $70,000,  and $100,000 averages account balance plans.

Please contact us for information about our licensing programs and electronic solutions designed for single advisors to large organizations.

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